Volunteer at Potter's House

There are a number of teams and departments here at Potter's House. These departments provide an opportunity to develop your skills and learn new ones; so go ahead...pick something:

Our choir leads members of the congregation in songs of praise and worship. They bring us beautiful music every week with their gifted voices. Not much of a singer - with the sounds and melodies from drums, piano, saxophone, and guitar, the instrumentalists provide a great compliment for the choir.

Worship Team

This department oversees the technical aspects. Such as operating the soundboard, taking pictures and ensuring that the screens properly show the scriptures, wordings to songs, and video clips.

Media Team

Ushers ensure that order is maintained throughout the service. They welcome members and guests, and usher them to their seats, collect the offerings, and remain alert for any emergency or need that may arise during the service.

Ushering Team

This wonderful department is committed to the spiritual and moral growth of children. They provide an engaging atmosphere for children to actively learn about God and know His word.

Children's Ministry

The Royals is our youth group here at Potter’s House. The young generation are not just the future, they are the now and they need to be empowered. The Royals is open for anyone from the ages of 18 to 29 but welcomes anyone who would like to be a part of them. They meet for Inspire on the first and third Sunday every month at 7 pm. Be there!



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